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"Identità Madonita" Association

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The “Identità Madonita” Association was founded in 2008, after an analysis of the “Madonie
Regional Natural Park” territory. The analysis aimed to identify the salient resources of the
Madonie territory and its socio-economic development potential. What encouraged us to
work together was a strong sense of responsibility toward our community. Therefore, we
focused on the aspects involved in development processes and we identified and studied
areas of the world with similar territorial features, in order to understand how they exploited
their resources. Moreover, each of us engaged in developing and sharing our ideas,
according to our skills and passions. We understood that rock climbing could be one of the
most innovating development factors in the Madonie territory, particularly in Caltavuturo.

Therefore, with the contribution of the “Ente Parco delle Madonie” (the body responsible for the Madonie Regional Natural Park) and of the municipality of Caltavuturo, we installed bolts on our cliffs and ensured climbers’ safety.

In 2005, after a furtuitous meeting between Tommaso Muscarella and Rosario Cammara, who was conducting studies on the geological formation named “Caltavuturo” for his degree thesis, the “Cabeci Climbing” Association was founded.
The foundation lasted more than 20 months and involved the incessant work of six people who, with help of Rosario, the most expert, cleared and scaled loose rock from the cliff faces, marked access paths, installed high quality bolts and took care of those areas, almost impenetrable.

Tommaso Muscarella, now Chairman of the “Identità Madonita” Association and passionate with adventure and beauty, chose to live in Caltavuturo some decades ago. Already in the 80s, he thought to share the beauty of the Caltavuturo cliffs with the whole world. Now he is engaged in development projects in Caltavuturo and the “Madonie Regional Natural Park” territory.
Moreover, in the last few decades, he engaged in sport activities such as skydiving, rock climbing, scuba diving, speleology and skiing. Although now he dedicates almost full time to painting, he has never abandoned the purpose of enhancing and develop this branch of the active touristic offer.

"I have taken the trouble to organize this event in a perspective of sharing and not competition, because I think that sharing is a condition that brings people together, in this view things have value especially if you have shared, looking also give the opportunity with the help of authorized teachers to try to climb those who have the curiosity to approach this very exciting and formative discipline to try to create a new core climbers also essential to local life of a cliff far from the big cities. The climbing has given me the opportunity to meet and first acknowledge my limits, but also experiences and people who have enriched my life of human emotions and presences that have helped to live unforgettable moments and healthy sporting passion in communion with Mother Earth .

I think our cliffs are appreciated for the quality of limestone, to the guidelines that allow you to be in the shade from the first morning, for mild temperatures especially in the summer months, since we are to over 650mt and for unspoiled places of great charm and biodiversity as the Gole Di Gazzara just below the cliffs of the same name, and if you want, also for our renowned sense of hospitality that has distinguished us in the past to many who know us personally, typical of the villages of the small Sicilian inland centers which they have preserved the healthy desire to welcome the new with pleasure that sometimes lives in a human exchange. For years, I try to raise awareness of this aspect of climbing authorities, municipalities and administrators who, yesterday and even more today, believe it is possible to use as one of the developing flywheels also offer this segment of our territory. Aware that many things have to be improved invite you to be our welcome guests and share with us your passion bringing a contribution with your presence in our effort to improve and expand the sports offer of this practice in Sicily which I believe to several -along of you - may in the future make a significant contribution as already demonstrated, in particular St. Vito friends, that I thank for their contribution to our event and the development of our land of Sicily ".